Die Montage ist ganz einfach


In your CUBEcamp set you will find two packages: One with our base plate elements and one with our flexiSLEEP springs. That's all you need, not even tools, just your hands.


Then click the grid together. It's best to start lengthwise with the first row and then add row by row. This way you can get into every recess. Simply add or remove base plate elements.


Place the flexiSLEEP springs on the mounting points of the base plate elements and rotate them 90 degrees. Fixed. You want to make your comfort even more personal? No problem, the springs can be easily repositioned to adjust the zones.

Sleep well

Finally, place your mattress on your new CUBEcamp sleeping system. That's it. Now just close your eyes and think about what you want to dream. You've done it. Finally, you'll sleep just as well on the road as you do at home.